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Monday, 9 August 2010

annie, did you hear about this one?

Love is making me fat again. He insists I'm skinny and small but I know better. It needs to become a little game again. Maybe if I insist to myself that ana would keep me me; it would stop me from turning too quickly into a big ball of happiness that is content to slob around with a man all day eating takeaways and drinking wine. I am SO SO SO happy and blissful and I have one of those involuntary smug smiles plastered on my face practically all of the time but there is a niggle somewhere. A niggle that I should be doing all kinds of things. A niggle that Ben & Jerry's cookie dough isn't a good idea and a niggle that maybe the sizzle you get when you haven't eaten for a little too long starts in the base of your belly. I want it back.


  1. So glad you're happy :]
    Just figure a good balance out, you can do it


  2. you can push through it! keep it up girl. <3 Katerina

  3. A man who loves you just like you are makes ana so much harder . . . i know how it is.