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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sometimes I just want to pack up my Mac and a couple of books and leave. Move to a little shed in Tuscany, too far away from a supermarket to buy food and too beautiful to care. My meds are about to run out and I may not be able to get a new prescription for a week or so. I may go mad or I may actually feel sad enough to starve myself again. I need more sleep.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

158.2 this morning!! Woohoo! xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

160lbs this morning (0.8 down from yesterday) :-)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

So, I gave in and weighed myself. I know it's 10pm so I'm probably lighter than this normally, but it's still worse than I though. 161lbs. This is going to be my target plan and I need to stick to it.

Do any of you lovelies have any 'punishment' ideas for when you don't reach your targets? Fasting just doesn't work for me - I have to spend too much time awake! I would really appreciate your ideas :-)

Anyway, here goes!

Start weight (20/03): 161
26/03 - 158
2/04 - 155
9/04 - 152
16/04 - 149
23/04 - 146
30/04 - 143
7/05 - 140
14/05 - 137
21/05 - 134
28/05 - 131
4/06 - 128
11/06 - 125
18/06 - 122
25/06 - 119
2/07 - 116
9/07 - 113
16/07 - 110
23/07 - 107
30/07 - 104 - TARGET!!

I was always happy at 107lbs. 104 would be perfect though :-) A long way to go and it's going to be a bloody awful journey, but I can do this. I have to.
I know I keep having these manic stop-starts, but I think I need to be serious this time. I'm practically obese. Tomorrow I will weigh myself for the first time in weeks - possibly months - and get it to kick start my absolute drastic need to chop off a third of my body weight. I think I'm around the 157 mark - around 50lbs heavier than I was two years ago. My main problem is that I am currently sat on my bum from 7am to 8pm every weekday for the next few months while I complete some annoying training. This means it's practically impossible for me to do any serious exercise during the week as I'm so exhausted - plus it's dark out. I'm going to have to get mean with myself.

New plan:
  • Get up earlier to have fruit and fibre cereal, a pint of water and do pilates and 100 stomach crunches. No more rushing out of the house with a slice of white toast!
  • No more non-diet drinks. More water.
  • Cut to 1500 calorie days for the next seven days, then bring that number down later.
  • Stretch and stomach crunches before bed and then an early night sleep - no more catching up on Gossip Girl at 11pm!
  • Do at least one hour of cardio at the weekend (difficult due to time constraints, but I will have to manage).
  • MAINTAIN THIS! And blog!

I need you guys like I've never needed you before. I'm going to put together some weight targets before the weekend and work out what I'm doing. I can do this. I think.


Monday, 19 March 2012

What is wrong with me?