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Sunday, 21 March 2010

i'll be your mirror

I haven't had that great moment of determination yet, but I have somehow managed to sink down to 116.6. I'm absolutely terrified that it's just water weight and that it will pile straight back on tomorrow morning (particularly seeing as I had an extra large popcorn at the cinema tonight...). I need to drag some of that focus back to me. I am quitting my gym, which, ironically, I am hoping will let me lose weight. See, when I plan to go, I always have to ensure I eat a lot that day in order to build up some stamina for a workout. So no more! I'm clipping away at all of my stock excuses to eat unnecessarily. I'm going to re-start yoga and meditating as well and see if this helps me find the focus and inner strength I need.

18.9 BMI
11.6lbs to go!

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