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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

i'm back

Sort of. I found someone who has a weird relationship with food and who can eloquently talk about it without getting anxious like I usually do. She told me how she eats 12 packets of crisp when she's stressed. I've just had 8 packets of Skips. 2 muffins. A huge portion of chips. Massive portion of pasta WITH mozarella. Half a tub of ice cream. Porridge. Who the hell eats all that in one day? It's not normal. So I'm doing it. I'm finishing off my packet of muffins and then tomorrow I'm going back to my old self. I was 122lbs when I weighed myself on Saturday. God knows what I will be now. I intend to be 112 by 10th December. I can't be fat anymore. One more muffin and then that's it. No more food left in my house that will lead me into temptation. I'm seeing a therapist tomorrow.
Please, someone, anyone, give me your tips. Anything. I need help with this. I'm outta practice.


  1. Pick one thing to eat all day, like an apple and cut it up into a bunch of pieces and just eat some every so often so it's like a whole days worth of food.
    OR Everytime you go to eat something, look at it and think of the most disgusting thing it reminds you of, then count to 100.
    If you go for food, have water instead... or greentea :)
    Put on super sticky lipgloss, you won't wanna mess it up annnnnd you'll be more aware of what you're putting in your mouth.
    Do the math before you eat, stop to figure out how many calories is in something. If there's no nutrition information on the box, just don't eat it... Keep all your meals under 100 calories.
    Don't eat after 5, easy.

    I hope any of these help? they're just regular tips I found and they work for me :)

  2. i'm not very good at the self-restraint thing but if you have to eat with family or friends pretend you ate before or pretend you're going out to dinner with other ppl and go for a walk instead. that's one thing i like to do.
    stay strong x

  3. Don't keep junk food in the house.
    I suffer from a serious lack of willpower and it seems to work for me.

    Love the blog :)

  4. Keep icewater around and tea of course! Brush your teeth often so that you have that feeling that everything will taste bad and u don't want to ruin the mintyness :) Stay strong.