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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

anorexia is not beautiful

It is not graceful.

I just found this rather contradictory post:

The images are quite shocking. I don't know what I was doing. Maybe I was feeling sad, maybe I wanted the attention; who knows. But I may have been googling pro-ana sites again and slipped upon this one, which pulled me right away from where I was. Being a skeleton is not beautiful. It's hideous. It's aging and unnatural and why would you want it? The achievement? It's a self-defeating pointless achievement as you're just going to end up dead. I want to be slim and I want to be happy. Happy trumps slim though. I just want to be healthy. I want my skin to glow, my hair to shine and I want the energy to dance and jump and walk and live and breathe.

Is this what you really want?


I'm not going back there. I thought I was tonight. But I'm not. Stay strong - the real, true kind of honest strong - with me?


  1. those pictures really scared me. i've never ever thought that that kind of skinny was beautiful. i've always wanted what you want - the strong, happy, sexy, healthy skinny. i know it's a bit contradictory considering we're being slightly unhealthy to get there but i would never go so far as to make myself look like those poor women! i'm glad you decided you don't want to be there either :) i'll stay strong with you x

  2. I want to dance on that line between underweight and healthy, let my bones poke out just enough to breath and also have enough muscle to see.

  3. ive seen those pics before and i actually cried when i realised that i could still continue purging after seeing them. but i am glad they are out there coz if they even help one person its worth it. stay healthy darling. xo

  4. I love that site, I've went on it many times when I felt a relapse coming on, sometimes it has helped...not lately though. Oh well. Glad to know that you are recovering, all the best to you

  5. extreme anorexia is so nasty, its totally not the way to go about it. Being healthy and losing weight is SO a better way to go :)