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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

So I went on some medication which has made me put on 20 friggin lbs. i've been trying to lose it but nothing seems to work. The bastards have slowed my metabolism down and I can't come off the meds until mid-July. That's practically half of the bikini season over!! I've been eating practically nothing (but at regular intervals) and exercising every day for weeks. No change, apart from half an inch on my thighs. I'm getting desperate.

Has anyone tried... whisperwhisper... diet pills? Do any of them work? I've tried the natural ones but I'm convinced that they're all placebo. I've never had a belly before. It's friggin awful.


  1. Diet Drops are cheap, I get them at the dollar store and they boost your metabolism and satisfy hunger. with 0 cals!

  2. Everything is so expensive in England! Diet drops here are about £20. Sigh....

    Ana Banana, you haven't posted for a while. Everything ok?

  3. Hi Ana B. I came across your blog and it's very inspiring, just what I need. I've started blogging too, drop by if you get a chance. I need all the support I can get =D

    Mary K.

    marykay1984.blogspot.com (Fatness Be Gone)

  4. ive tried diet pills, not so great, not the natural ones anyway, idk about the hardcore chemicalified ones... try diet tea? 3 ballerinas is what i use. i hope you post soon! we miss you!

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  6. Hey,
    I've tried Adios and LipoBind... they definitely do not work. Also tried Green Tree Fat Burners recently, think they helped a bit but not really too noticeably :( I'm getting some Phen50, I could let you know how I get on with them?