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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's been nearly a year... I think I'm back

I can't do it the normal way anymore. I've been trying for a year to be normal. I eat what I want. I exercise when I want. The result is that I'm now a slob. I am nearly at the overweight mark, I can feel it. At my lowest ever weight I was around 105lbs. It was pretty nice, but not quite enough on my legs. My 'easy' weight was between 113 and 117lbs. If I reached 119lbs I knew I would have to work a bit harder the next day. I was very happy with this lifestyle. Choosing what to wear in the morning wasn't a problem as most things looked pretty okay on me.

I wake up in the morning and feel my belly, soft and round; I walk to the bathroom and feel the first itch of the day as my thighs rub together; the weighing scales are propped up against the sink and we try to avoid eye contact whilst I brush my teeth; I am always late for work as none of my clothes fit and I am too proud to buy larger clothes. I think I'm about 150lbs. Maybe more. It's around that mark, anyway. I have never in my entire life been this heavy. I have never had a belly or inner thighs that rub to the extent of irritation. I have never felt this unattractive.

But I don't know if I want to go down that old familiar route. I am in a great relationship and am genuinely happy in the very general sense. But there is something missing. That secret only you have that you hold in the base of your tight, empty stomach.

Do I want it back?


  1. Welcome back, sweetie. I'm surprised, but don't feel bad. You're going to love yourself one way or the other, 150 or 100. try to remember that it's what's inside that matters, if you can look past the exterior. your followers, including me, are here for you. Keep us updated, yeah?



  2. You were the first blog that I ever started following, over a year ago. You were such inspiration, then you disappeared. I'm glad you're back :)

  3. I have read my own self though your lines. Thank you and best of luck