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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

i see a river and i want to paint it black

Things are better. I got out of my rut and found myself actually enjoying my course and making friends. I'm even going to decrease my antidepressant doseage next week hurrah. Apparently it's freaking awful coming off from venlafaxine so er expect a suicide attempt or something exciting next week. I don't have scales in my new place but I do know I feel a bit flabby. My clothes still fit and stuff but I'm positive there is more fat on my legs and stomach. I weighed myself this weekend when I went home and I was 119lbs (this was at the end of the day when I had just eaten dinner so I expect I'm around 116/7 as my 'real weight').

I have nothing massively amazing to report. I am not feeling dramatic. I am still in love and still need to lose weight. I'm kinda happy though at the same time. It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing or not.


  1. Sometimes it's a good thing when nothing super interesting is going on. I hope there's no suicide attempt in your future=\

  2. 'I wish you an interesting and eventful life' only wish it on someone you hate :p most potent curse I know of, hope you stay ok :)

  3. i'm glad things are positive and you're happy! good luck coming off the medication...just take it easy and nice and slow and rally your support around you and hopefully it's not so bad.