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Monday, 3 May 2010

back in black

I'm back! Have missed you lovelies a lotlotlot. I missed having somewhere to record everything down, too. Egypt was wonderful. Saw a lot of amazing things and got a pretty good tan. Didn't manage to lose the weight I wanted though - got my favourite time of the month the day after I arrived and we were doing so much travelling I found myself needing full-sugar Coke just to avoid passing out. I found myself back to a lovely round 115lbs though this morning. I jumped on the weighing scales at the airport in Egypt (you know, the ones at the check-in desks that weigh your luggage then zoom it off to who-knows-where because it had been 7 whole days since I had last weighed myself and I just couldn't wait any longer) and it told me I was 53kg. A bunch of people I had met shouted 'anorexic' at me which was mildly ironic. Not quite, loves, not quite. 53 is pretty disgusting for me. Kilogram isn't my favourite way of measuring my weight (does that sound weird?!), but if I had to pick a metric value it would be around 48. This could be indicative that my obsession with numbers is beginning again, but, for now, the aim is still 105lbs and I'm still hoping to achieve this by the end of May.


  1. Thanks for the comment :)
    wow, Egypt, I'm envious.
    Hope you achieve it.
    stay strong! :)

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Egypt! (:

  3. Egypt - im jelous !
    and don't worry, ive done that before now, jumping on them, just 'for a laugh'.