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Sunday, 25 April 2010

poetically pathetic

Had a takeaway last night after being so good all day. I told myself I deserved it. Anyway, I ended up throwing up half of it (not intentionally! Mia doesn't work and it takes too much away from you). That's another type of food I can cross off my list! I weighed in at 116.7 this morning - wtf. A takeaway does not constitute a 1.7lb immediate weight gain! Anyway, heading to Egypt now. Stay strong lovelies! I will see you all in a week (when I will hopefully be 6.7lbs lighter).


Ooooh, Freja.


  1. have an amazing time in egypt!

  2. have a great time in Egypt. I've always wanted to go there, so I am a tad jealous ;)

    and check out her shoes... awesome :)

  3. Hi great blog. You are so light. I hope one day to be so slim again