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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

a letter to elise

ldsgjrktfx/]. Maybe I'm too happy for thindom. It's certainly starting to look that way. Fuck yoooou, maturity!

Does anyone take any diet pills or use any form of herbal/chemical appetite suppressant? I have used sea kelp, Adios and some fat metaboliser that worked for about a millisecond. None of these I found worked a great deal. Would love your suggestions?

I read on one of your blogs that your doctor had prescribed you an appetite suppresant to stop binges despite being super skinny. Anyone else know anything about this?


  1. that's the one! i want some. i wonder if it's available over here...

  2. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to ask. I got mine from my psychiatrist. I've been with him for a good 6 to 7 years, though.

  3. I live in England. I will try and ask my doctor next time I go but I'm not convinced she will give in.