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Monday, 21 June 2010

we almost had a baby

A 110 calorie cereal bar for late breakfast, skinny latte for mid-morning snack (50 cal), pasta salad for lunch (410 cal), biscuit and Highlights' hot chocolate for dinner (120 cal) minus walking 7 miles (aprox 600 cal) = 90 calories. I'm pretty much in negative figures if you include the general stress of running around an office and ten flights of stairs several times a day. It's good to be left to myself.

I told the boy that it would not work out. He was clearly using me for rebound sex and using knowledge of some very intimate secrets of mine to get his way. This would be fine if I was only looking for fun but that never really works for me no matter what I tell myself. It's not that I get emotionally involved - ha, I wish - very often it's the guy that tries to take things further and I freak out and run away. Or he just still wants fun and I freak out and run away. Running away and staying in my own company is so much more easier sometimes. Maybe when I'm 105 and flimsy I will feel as lightweight and care-free as my body is.

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  1. Your count is awesome, and I'm sorry about the boy.