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Friday, 2 July 2010

butterfly in reverse

I've never done a fast before. Not properly, anyway. After last night's much-needed kick up the backside, I made a decision not to eat today. I wasn't totally interested - more intrigued if anything. I read an article after posting here that contained a quote from Megan Fox stating she usually only has one meal a day, usually at 10pm at night. Now Megan isn't exactly my kind of thinspo but I figured it could maybe work for me. So I subsided on a skinny latte, a diet coke and a banana from 7.30am until about 7pm tonight when I was dragged out for dinner and ended up having a steak (a steak!!!!! and battered onions!! and fries!!!!!). I'm not totally annoyed at myself for that because that's all I've eaten today, but I could have definitely survived without having the aforementioned meal. I wouldn't have passed out or ended up binging in response. The fact that I fainted ten minutes ago was more to do with eating too much at once.

I was 116 this morning which isn't terrifying. Hopefully will be back int he 115s tomorow hurrah.


  1. It doesn't sound too bad.
    And remember, there's always tomorrow. :]

  2. That's always better than a binge. I hope you see the one fifteens!

  3. It's not the worst that could have happened! I'm sure you'll do fine! You'll get back on track! Stay stong, missy!