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Sunday, 4 July 2010

rebel yell

I was 114.8 the day after the pseudo-fast :-) It works!!!! It works!!!!! I haven't bothered weighing myself today as I was too hungover to move this morning (I may also have been worried that a bottle of wine would have distorted my number as well), but it's back to reality tomorrow. I hate setting targets but I could realistically get down to 112 by Friday! I feel strangely optimistic. I hope I've not jinxed things. Feeling a bit mushy and romantic today. The love of my life who I'm not actually with/my best friend (I think I'm going to need a codename for him - we'll call him George) spent the weekend with a girl who basically offers herself to him at ever opportunity she gets. It made me realise that I do take him for granted but it still doesn't change the fact that he implied I was fat the other day despite fully knowing the extent and ugliness of my weight insecurities. It doens't matter; I'm glad he did say what he did. It gave me a really strong trigger to actually make a real effort at getting back down to skin and bone again. I hope when I see him this Friday that I'm at least 110. Hope you girls have had a wonderful weekend!


  1. You're NOT fat! He must be blind. I'd give anything to be 114.8. Anyway, good luck with losing for Friday. :]

  2. I'm going to try that one meal a day thing - sounds good! Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep going babes :)
    p.s, I love the song Rebel Yell ;)

  3. If you are 114.8... you are no where near fat!!!!
    Don't listen to peoples shit, they are probably just jealous of how amazing you look :]