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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

exile on main street

I am o-friggin-bese. I had two cakes today. I feel so sick now. I want to fastfastfast again. Please let me do it tomorrow. I want to count all my ribs again; I only see two now.

ps where is 1:10am?!


  1. Start fresh tomorrow. These things happen.

    And I was wondering about 1:10am, too! She dropped off my list of followers.

  2. She (1:10am) left the community. If you read Alice's blog, she mentioned it in a post that Jordan sent her on Facebook or something. I miss her blog too but I hope she is happy & finding whatever it is she needs.

  3. Jordan left blogger.
    I spoke with her through Facebook.
    She felt overwhelmed and as though it was too much.
    If you want to know what she said, I posted the message on my blog for everyone to see.

  4. i hate making mistakes.. i feel like it ruins me, and i always have trouble picking myself up again, but remember, every day is a new day :)