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Saturday, 24 April 2010

dog days are over

115 this morning :-) This was always my average weight - it's the one number I always seem to flick to no matter what I do. It feels good to be back.

I went for drinks last night. Within seconds of walking through the door a girl I hadn't seen in a while told me ohmygoshyouvegottensothin!! And it was so bloody awkward. No I am not thin. You can say that in 10lbs time. Maybe. My best friend who knows about my 'history' but not my 'current' noticed and killed her off with a yeah, but she's always been tiny comment and the curtains could fall down. Ha, I was tiny when I was 9.5 stone? Sure. I again got far too drunk off one glass of wine and told my friend who has had some non-personal experience with severe EDs that I want to lose 10lbs. That wasn't a good move. I read in someone's blog the amazing advice that you shouldn't tell *anyone* about your diets. I intend to stick to that from now on. Someone told me yesterday how I eat so much but never seem to put on weight. That's the image I should be maintaining!

I have cancelled my date for tonight. Maybe when I return from Egypt I could be lovely and thin and deal with it, but right now I feel like an elephant.

Thank you lovelies for all your support and comments. I will get round to looking at all your blogs very soon.


  1. Hey hun, it's ben a while since I commented on your blog. I decided I had to go through everyone's blog this morning. I went out last night as well... However I only had diet pepsi :) I'm glad to hear that you are down, and that people are noticing you are getting thinner.

  2. It is the nicest feeling though for someone to say that to you. . .
    However, Do you really think it is bad to tell people about diets? because in some cases, it kind of helps to have people around you know you're trying to loose weight so you know that they are watching what you're eating so it helps you be a little stricter with your dieting
    goodwork xo