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Sunday, 18 April 2010

sail away with me

I just watched Crazy/Beautiful. Kirsten Dunst is such good thinspo.

I was doing really well today. Just one (albeit large) meal. And then it happened. My hangover got the best of me and I have just had 5 biscuits and a packet of crisps. That's my excuse anyway. Obviously has nothing to do with my lack of control and weakness.

When do you girls weigh yourselves? I always jump on my scales first thing in the morning without any clothes and after going to the toilet. It feels kind of like cheating though. I weighed myself just before my shower tonight and I was 117.2 - 1.2lbs heavier. Which is my 'real' weight?! Sometimes I will fluctuate 3lbs across a day. Does this mean I should aim for 102lbs for my weight in the morning?


  1. I weigh myself in the morning after I pee but I keep on whatever I slept in. I see it as my true weight for the day, but I try not to weigh myself for the rest of the day. When I googled when I should weigh in, it told me the healthy way is to only weigh in once a week. Are you kidding me?! haha I'm not sure I could go a whole week.

  2. I weigh myself on the morning. I kinda feel discouraged if I weigh myself later, like I failed. I guess I kinda could see that as motivation. I try to weigh myself every day, but the scale is in my mom's bathroom, so... haha :)

  3. I weigh every morning, but I do do it thoughout the day too, out of curiosity and found that 3lbs is about the normal fluctuation for me too.
    Take the morning as your true weight and anything else as water :)

  4. i weight every morning (no clothes, no food, after toliet) when i get home from school (no clothes) and variously thorughout the day.
    before and after i eat most meals generally.
    and before shower, and before bed.
    i never wear clothes when im weighing myself.
    it changes the weights too much!
    one outfit was 5 pounds in weight - i nearly cried when i saw.

  5. I weigh myself first thing as well. I don't think it's cheating. It's just the naked truth.