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Thursday, 15 April 2010

thrash unreal

It's really bloody difficult skipping breakfast. It was my favourite meal before! But now it's the only meal I can really skip without noticing and so it has had to go :( I have had 1150 calories today (the extra 150 were from a beer I hadn't bargained on having). I guess that means I'm only allowed 850 calories tomorrow to make up for it. Other than missing out on my daily dosage of porridge or toast, the most difficult thing for me is not reaching for the biscuit tin or nipping out to get a packet of sweets whilst at work. What do you girlies do when you're so bored and mentally drained from your job/school/whatever that you feel that there is nothing to do but load up on sugar and carbs to get you through?! I'm up to 5 cups of tea a day but sometimes it's just not enough somehow. I need to get stronger again. I still haven't weighed myself but I think I'm around the 116/117 mark at the moment (*if* I'm not about to get my period - I can't wait until they stop again and I don't have to worry about putting on an extra 3lbs once a month).


  1. Skipping breakfast is a guarantee fat storage trigger. Your body wakes up hungry and when you don't feed it, it goes into starvation mode - then, when you do eat, your lunch, or whatever next, IT STORES IT AS FAT.

    If you're going to skip something, skip dinner. Your metabolism is at its peak earlier in the day, so that breakfast you ate can be burned away. Your dinner can't be.

  2. Thanks. I know :( It's just once I start eating it is often more difficult to stop than if I put off my first meal for a few hours. I guess I just need to be stronger. I tend not to eat dinner anyway as I know it's easier to burn off my lunch. Blaaah.

  3. I really don't know anything about how you feel, or who you are - But if you're looking to be the very best version of yourself, you CAN eat and you can be happy and HEALTHY. Why does that seem so impossible when you're killing yourself otherwise?

  4. I know this is possible for most people, but for me it isn't. I know how ridiculous and weak that must sound to someone who hasn't got this stupid thought process. It's just like any addiction, really, right when it boils down to it. Only this one is very deeply ingrained into my psyche. I have been doing this for almost 13 years - since I was 9 years old. Maybe before. And you know what? It always achieves positive results. Sure, I know it could kill me, take away my chance of having children and all of that. But I'm not sure I will let it ever get that far and for the moment I am willing to take that gamble, however selfish and awful that sounds.

  5. I love breakfast too! Breakfast foods are always the best. I've been having breakfast lunch and lunch at dinner now, and not having anything in the morning. Means still getting all the breakfast yumminess.