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Monday, 19 April 2010

little lion man

There's nothing like trying on your bikinis for some self-motivated thinspiration. The airline rescheduled my flight for this coming weekend so fingers crossed I will be resembling a beached whale on a beach somewhere in North Africa this time next week :-) Shame I had ice cream tonight after my dinner. And a muffin for breakfast urgh. When I don't sleep, I always seem to eat way more. It's as though being grumpy and sleepy gives me license to stuff my face. I am such a giant pear though. Seriously, my top half is practically perfect. There is zero fat on my chest and arms and my shoulders stick out like a Balmain blazer. It's when you get to my gigantic hips that I run into problems. My bum and thighs are disgusting too. My thighs have a 22 inch circumference - EW. I have read that anything below 20 is small; I would be happy with 18 inches. My smallest was just a bit less than 20 and that was okay but not enough. I still fit into (UK) size 8 jeans from everywhere but Topshop (their trousers are annoying small sizes!) but I would prefer a size 6.

Thanks everyone for your replies yesterday regarding when you weigh yourselves! I think I will stick to mornings for now :-)


  1. Yes, it's best to stick to mornings~
    And it's also a proven fact that sleeping less than 6 hours raises appetite. So technically, it is easier to stuff your face on less sleep. 7 hours is probably good. You don't want to sleep TOO much, because you burn less if you're sleeping.

    Hope that's helpful^ :)

  2. Topshop is the absolute DEATH of me!! I'll be a size ten outside the shop but inside, you're like "Oh I'm a 14 now, am I?!"

    Regarding sleep, I've learned from experience it's one of the make-or-break factors to whether you'll have a "skinny" day or not. 7 hours minimum, or you'll be craving sugar like a baby craves its bottle. :D